vrijdag 28 september 2018

Decoupage plates

Decoupage plate with crackle and napkin

Clean you basic white plate with rubbing alcohol.

Choose a acrylic paint color that will fit with the colors of you napkin.

 Mix your colors and paint your plate. Choose if you will do the whole plate or just the egde.

Let this dry for 15 minutes. 

Take a one-step crackle product and put this on the colored plate. 
Let this dry for at least 2 hours. Do NOT speed this proces up with a hairdryer. Take your time (and have a coffee !).

Remember : for big crackels use a thicker layer of the crackle product. 

Take a white acrylic paint and a sponge-brush and dep the white paint over the whole plate. If you painted only the edge then still put white paint over the whole plate as this will be a solid base for you decoupage. 

Let this dry. When it dries the crackles will appear. 

It will look like this : 

Next take you napkin and tear or cut out the image you need.
Take a decoupage glue, put glue on the plate and stick napkin image where you want it.   let it dry.

Next, with and acrylic paint, you can make little bits of shadow around the image. Click here for a instruction video on how to make shadow. 

With an ink pad you can accentuate the rim of the plate. Use a fast drying ink like StazOn of simular.

Last step : varnish the plate a few times. Let dry between every layer of varnish. 

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